Over 1,000 Deloitte consultants on Test and Trace programme

More than 1,000 consultants from Deloitte are now working on the Test and Trace programme, according to Sky News

The information comes from newly released documents that were released by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) under Freedom of Information rules.

According to the documents, there are currently 1,114 consultants from Deloutte who are working on the scheme, which “underlines the scale of the government’s reliance on the private sector”.

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Sky News equated the headcount to the “size of a small UK government department”.

Deloitte consultants have reportedly been engaged with the creation and management of Track and Trace, including the online portal and creation of test centres. 

According to Sky, it is “only one of a number” of private sector firms involving Pillar 2, the centralised private sector arm of the Covid-19 testing operation in the UK.

However, the documents reportedly show that Deloitte “vastly outnumbers” other management consultants hired by the government.

While consultants from McKinsey, BCG, PWC, KPMG and EY are also employed, their combined numbers only total 144.

Sky said the findings were the “latest evidence of the growing cost of Britain’s testing system”, which is currently budgeted at about £12bn.

It added that Deloitte can charge up to £2,360 a day for each of its consultants.

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