Who are BKL?

BKL is a firm of accountants, tax specialists and auditors based in London. It was founded in the 1980s and primarily works with entrepreneurial, owner-managed businesses and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). 

Today the group employs 150 people, with Lee Brook acting as managing partner. Brook qualified as a chartered accountant with Mazars in 2001. He joined the firm after graduating from Loughborough University in Accounting and Financial Management.

He was appointed as partner at Mazars in 2006, staying for 16 years. He joined BKL as a partner in November 2014.

What do they do?

BKL provides a number of services to its clients, namely tax, audit and assurance, corporate finance and consultancy services. It also offers a number of special services which include: 

Consultancy advice to tax professionals: Provides advice on a range of tax related issues such as tax planning and preparing tax returns. Also advises clients on tax disclosures, disputes and investigations. 

Litigation Support: Advises claimants and defendants in complex cases. 

Outsourcing: Provides flexible accounting services for businesses. Also advises start-ups or foreign businesses launching a UK subsidiary.

Recent financials

For the financial year ended 31 March,  BKL accountants decided not to disclose a copy of its profit and loss account as part of an audit, so any definitive financial results are unavailable.

In the News

In May 2021, Wendy Harpur, BKL’s people director, won AGN International’s Women of Impact Award. 

The awards were set up this year to celebrate women working at AGN’s member firms who have made “exceptional contributions” during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Harpur was announced as the winner on 21 May to conclude AGN’s Global e-Connected virtual event week.

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