Accounting Firms
    26 mins ago

    JRW and Hogg & Thorburn to merge

    Scottish Borders accountancy firms Hogg and Thorburn and JRW have revealed they have merged to…
    People Moves
    53 mins ago

    Sedulo unveils senior appointment and promotion

    Sedulo Funding Solutions has announced the appointment of Josh Mendez as senior commercial finance manager.…
    1 hour ago

    EY extends partnership with Kyndryl

    Ernst and Young (EY) has announced the renewal of a five-year agreement with Kyndryl, an…
    Latest News
    1 hour ago

    MKC Wealth appoints ICAEW fellow as CFO

    MKC Wealth, the independent wealth management firm backed by Cabot Square Capital, has appointed Dan…
    1 hour ago

    Over 3,500 students become ACCA Affiliates in March

    Pass rates have been announced by ACCA for students who sat their exams in March,…

    Features & Analysis

      Advice & Best Practice
      2 weeks ago

      The UK has no money. Is the HMRC crackdown set to increase?

      While the headline might not be quite true, events over the last few years have certainly impacted UK borrowing. The…
      Advice & Best Practice
      3 weeks ago

      Addressing 5 key payroll challenges with the cloud

      Cloud payroll software is revolutionising the accounting landscape, providing a seamless solution for professionals seeking to optimise their payroll processes.…
      3 weeks ago

      Five common pitfalls accountancy firms should avoid

      In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, accountancy firms in the UK shoulder the responsibility of ensuring financial integrity and compliance…
      Advice & Best Practice
      4 weeks ago

      What to expect from remote working within accountancy

      With the advent of remote work, the once office-bound profession of accounting is now embracing flexibility and adaptability like never…
      4 weeks ago

      How can accountants integrate AI in their day-to-day tasks?

      In the field of finance and accountancy, staying ahead of the curve is essential. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)…
      Wednesday, 13 March 2024, 15:40

      How to make your accountancy practice more sustainable

      The global business landscape is increasingly prioritising sustainability, and the accounting industry in the UK is no different. It is…
      Tuesday, 12 March 2024, 16:20

      Introducing ARGA: the proposed new audit regulator

      The UK government has long proposed reforms to the audit and corporate governance framework.  Back in September 2020, Sir Tony…
      Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 16:49

      The future of accounting is tech-enabled, TaxScouts CEO says

      Can you tell us about your career up to the point you joined TaxScouts as CEO?  I’ve worked in high…
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