Introducing the NEW Accountants Brochure from C.A.R.S.

Uncover how you can maximise tax relief for your clients


Uncover how you can maximise tax relief for your clients

In the world of accounting, staying ahead of the curve and providing added value to your clients is essential. One way to achieve this is by helping your clients reduce their tax liabilities through Property Embedded Fixtures & Fittings (PEFFs) claims. To support accountants like you in this endeavour, Capital Allowance Review Service (C.A.R.S.) is proud to introduce its new brochure. Packed with valuable insights and resources. Enhance your services and strengthen client relationships.

Why PEFFs Matter

Understanding the significance of PEFFs is crucial in helping your clients unlock hidden tax benefits. Many accountants are well-versed in movable asset allowances. However, the brochure from C.A.R.S. also sheds light on how these allowances can be applied to immovable assets within commercial properties. Offering an even greater opportunity to save on tax liabilities.

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Building Trust with C.A.R.S.

Trust is at the core of C.A.R.S.’s values. They have proudly maintained their status as a trusted capital allowance consultancy firm for over two decades. Their team is committed to providing technically sound advice and supporting accountants around the UK. Helping them to build and preserve their client relationships. With C.A.R.S. as your preferred advisor, you can be confident that you’re partnering with a reliable and knowledgeable ally.

Accountant’s Experience of CARS Partnership

Enhancing Your Services

Navigating the complexities of capital allowances can be challenging. C.A.R.S. can help you every step of the way, ensuring robust claims are submitted to HMRC. Their expertise and resources are at your disposal, allowing you to provide superior service to your clients. C.A.R.S. provides aftercare with every claim where they deal with any queries HMRC may have as they have full confidence in the claims they submit.

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Identifying and Pursuing a Potential Claim

Recognising the right opportunities for PEFF claims is essential. The C.A.R.S. brochure offers insights into key triggers and clients who could benefit from these claims. Their team is ready to support you in identifying and pursuing these claims effectively.

Discover these valuable resources in our brochure

Explore C.A.R.S. Service Packages

C.A.R.S. offers a range of service packages tailored to your needs. Including Full Consultancy, Survey Only, Invoice Review, and Property Legal Pack. These packages provide flexibility in delivering the level of service that best suits your client’s requirements.

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Download the FREE Brochure

Download their brochure today to discover how C.A.R.S. can help support you. They have over 20 years of experience and a track record of achieving significant enhancements to accounting routines. Trust C.A.R.S. as your partner in the world of capital allowances.

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