Sales tracking software solutions to galvanize team’s productivity

When it comes to B2B sales, it can be imperative to establish not only a solid foundation for client relationships, but to also ensure that teams are performing at full capacity. Teams should be learning from interactions and harnessing data to improve services on every level. To remain relevant in ever-competitive niches and refine sales strategies for maximum revenue potential, sales tracking software can be just the thing to galvanize team’s productivity.

What is sales tracking software?

Sales tracking software comes in many forms, such as a sales tracking spreadsheet or specially developed applications that allow businesses to monitor, record and analyse both individual and team activities throughout the sales process. With it, it can be simpler to define successes and failures and leverage key insights to up productivity, improve services and ensure sales goals are met. The right solutions should offer:

  • Detailed data collection
  • Sales reporting capabilities
  • Unbiased data-driven analytics
  • Centralised sales tracking data
  • A simple, intuitive UI

These main features will allow businesses to manage, track and review sales activities, as well as handle contacts, generate potential leads, perform sales forecasts, ensure pipeline management and much more.

Why is sales tracking software imperative to B2B sales teams?

  1. Better comprehend data covering the entire sales cycle

When businesses have the ability to monitor the entire sales process and have visibility across the full sales cycle, it will be far simpler for teams to track performance, identify any gaps in current procedures and identify sales and consumer trends. As the right software will provide hard data, all results will be unbiased and allow for data-driven decisions that will have a more significant and demonstrable impact that can be better leveraged for ongoing success.

  1. Make more dynamic decisions

With a sales tracker in place, businesses will be able to make better informed decisions when it comes to targeting marketing campaigns for well-performing product lines and selecting any items that should be dropped from the itinerary altogether. Making choices succinctly and with little deliberation using deep insights will help to invigorate teams, increase overall productivity and make sure that consumers’ needs are fully catered to.

  1. Improve sales team management

The potential for sales will only be fully realised if sales teams and reps are performing. Sales tracking software can improve team management in terms of defining who is completing tasks on time and the individuals who are making the most sales – and can even give insights into what the top achieving reps are doing to stay productive. This can allow managers to improve sales coaching, accelerate employee ramp-times, streamline customer interactions and more.

  1. Better allocate resources

Many businesses struggle with seeing the bigger picture and ensuring that resources are distributed properly throughout sales processes. As mentioned above, sales tracking software will give managers the ability to oversee entire sales cycles, and this offers the additional benefit of being able to better allocate resources. Not only will this increase sales and generate more revenue, but also direct team’s efforts in a way that can save time and money while minimising wastage.

  1. Encourage collaboration 

One of the biggest issues that teams face when both building and implementing the right sales strategies is ensuring that all individuals are on the same page and have the ability to properly communicate when reaching key project milestones. It can be extremely difficult to manage collaboration without the right portals or tools, and this is where sales tracking software can offer an easy-to-access hub that will have everything they need in one place. The right software should allow sales reps to view progress, share updates and even tag other users, so important information is never missed.

  1. Keep projects moving and minimise downtime 

It’s not uncommon for sales strategies to hit bumps or lulls, so it can be imperative for businesses to ensure that they have all of the necessary tools at its disposal to keep projects moving and minimise downtime. When sales reps are expected to switch between software and platforms and perform manual sales tracking processes, this can significantly hold up the wider sales cycle.

Top sales tracking tools

In 2023, the top sales tracking tools to galvanize teams are spreadsheets, as these tend to provide a more centralised space for data and more concrete statistics that deliver insights at scale in as little as a few clicks. Not only will data entry be simple for reps to input; with the right tools, tracking can be automated in terms of pipeline activity and metrics to provide extensive and actionable reporting.

Both tracking protocols and analysis will be an integral part of a team’s ability to make data-driven choices and stay on top of all the latest project developments. They will also be able to learn from both their day-to-day and long-term activities to ensure that they are performing at their best. The right sales tracking spreadsheets will give businesses the opportunity to:

  • Generate leaderboards to monitor performance
  • Define the sales reps that are taking action and performing above their peers
  • Monitor account activity
  • Find gaps in coverage and improve the accuracy of sales forecasts
  • Ensure pipeline protocols with in-depth data for win rates, expected bookings and more
  • Better monitor the level of bookings and see how closely team members are performing when meeting daily, weekly and monthly goals

Is it time for B2B businesses to implement sales tracking software? 

With advancements in tech and changes in consumer sentiment happening all the time, it can be imperative for B2B businesses to stay on top of the latest trends and offer nothing short of the most functional services. The best way to do this is to have a highly performing team that understands what consumers need, while having the ability to adapt, is open to learning and does their level best to hit goals and reach targets. Right now, sales trucking templates can be the ultimate way to understand customer interactions, leverage insights and empower revenue teams to maximise potential.

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