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ACCA launches Q3 campaign for sustainable recovery

The accountancy profession’s role in building and maintaining a sustainable recovery has been unveiled as the focus for ACCA’s new campaign for Q3 2020. 

In its new campaign, ‘Rethinking business for a sustainable recovery’, ACCA champions the “vital role” of accountants at a time when sustainable businesses deliver financial returns, while “generating positive value for society and being environmentally responsible for the planet”.

The campaign will include a spoken word performance that will be launched on Global Ethics Day on 21 October, titled ‘Rudder’ by Sugar J Poet. 

In addition, ACCA will examine the link between ethics and sustainable recovery, and host an online and social media event, ‘The Big Conversation’, to debate these issues on Global Ethics Day. 

It will also publish professional insights that explore how “making a positive social, environmental and economic impact is at the heart of 21st Century value creation for all organisations”.  

Alan Hatfield, executive director of strategy and development at ACCA, said: “Society’s values are shifting as citizens seek a fairer and more ethical world, and the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated this. 

“To be a sustainable organisation means being committed to minimising environmental impact whilst putting social responsibility at the heart of strategy. Accountants have a huge role to play here.”

He added: “Our aim is to support our members and future members with fresh thinking on how they in turn can support their organisations to recover sustainably. That’s because what professional accountants analyse, interpret and decide today, makes lasting changes for the future which we hope will build long term resilience. 

“We believe that responsible, ethical, and re-imagined business can be the positive legacy of post-pandemic economic recovery.” 

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