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EY offers virtual internships

EY has announced it will “pledge to honour” its long-standing commitment to interns by offering a series of virtual internships in light of the ongoing pandemic.

The accountancy giant will now be offering 15,000 internships this year, with “many of them in virtual formats”. 

Interns will now be offered a range of virtual internships at EY offices across the world, with placements ranging between one and six weeks in duration, dependent on location.

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The virtual internships will be modular and involve “many of the usual aspects of a regular internship”, including training opportunities, client work and virtual networking.

In a newly-released statement, EY said: “Those students who have successfully secured a placement with us deserve a great internship, and we have therefore worked hard to be able to provide a valuable intern experience that where necessary will primarily be delivered virtually.”


“Interns taking part in our virtual programs will be part of the flexible, inclusive culture at EY contributing to live projects and delivering meaningful work.” 

Trent Henry, EY global vice chair, said: “The students who have taken the time and effort to successfully apply for one of our sought-after placements deserve a great internship experience this summer. 

“Our interns and trainees represent the future of the workforce and we think it’s important to continue to offer them the opportunity to make a real contribution and develop their skills alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry.”

He added: “The virtual internship experience will be a little different to the office-based internships we’ve provided in the past, but they will be a valuable experience for the students taking part, and for EY too.”

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