HMRC spends almost £3m on Covid-safety measures

The tax body has spent £320,000 on hand sanitiser, PPE, and wipes since March

HMRC has spent approximately £2.9m on making its offices Covid-19 secure, according to information gained by the PA news agency via a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

The data revealed that when combined with the Treasury and the City watchdog, the total figure rises to over £3.1m.

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Included in HMRC’s expenses since March was £320,000 on hand sanitiser, PPE, and wipes, as well as £70,000 on minor works that comprise protective screens and hygiene stations.

In response to the FOI, the tax body ensured that the costs had allowed its offices to remain open to its 64,000 “business-critical” staff members.

The FCA said that the bulk of its expenses, £142,600, was also directed to hand sanitisers, dispensers, and wipes in an effort to ensure the safety of its staff.

It said: “The safety of our staff is paramount. Like all organisations, at the beginning of the pandemic the FCA sourced enough sanitiser to be used by our near 4,000 staff in our London and Edinburgh offices.”

Much of the high spending came as those within both the private and public sector readied themselves for a return to offices towards the beginning of the pandemic.

However, a government U-turn as the second wave of the virus hit has meant that those travelling to work has now fallen to 44%, according to a survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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