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KPMG re-hires former restructuring head

KPMG has announced the re-hiring of its former head of restructuring, Richard Heis after he previously left the firm in 2017. 

Heis first joined the company in 1983 and became a partner in 1997. In his 34 years with the firm, he was appointed KPMG’s global head of restructuring, leading a number of administrations including Alpari (UK) Limited and Connaught plc. 

After retiring from the KPMG partnership in 2017, Heis served a two year tenure at Steinhoff International as chief restructuring officer and director of various group entities. In his latest role, he will join KPMG’s core insolvency team based in London, headed by Jim Tucker.

Blair Nimmo, head of restructuring for KPMG, said: “Richard has an unparalleled track record as one of the world’s leading corporate restructuring experts, so I am delighted to bring him back on board. 

“This is a fascinating time for both our industry and our business, and I know that Richard will significantly add to our firepower in the market.”

Heis added: “I am so pleased to return to the fantastic Restructuring team at KPMG at what is a pivotal time for the business. I will be full-time in the market working with old friends, contacts and colleagues. 

“I’m very grateful to all involved with Steinhoff International for my time with them over the past two years, and I look forward to using the many lessons learned going forward. It’s great to be back.”

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