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EY and Stratio BD form AI alliance

EY has today announced an alliance with Stratio BD, a distributed technology and artificial intelligence platform, to help enterprises apply artificial intelligence (AI) to organisations.

The accountancy firm plans to expand the alliance to further EY member firms outside the US.The two companies are set to work together to help clients orchestrate a holistic transformation that leverages data, AI technology and EY sector knowledge.

EY US teams will integrate the platform to help enable enterprises apply AI directly into their operations and data with every transaction. As a result, transaction processes learn in real time and transform in order to become more effective while bringing differential customer experiences.

Other industries such as power and utilities can use the integrated platform to execute consumption prediction models across an organisation’s operational data, such as power consumption during specific time periods, to identify the most effective and efficient business model.

Beatriz Sanz Saiz, EY global data analytics leader, said: “For enterprises, every transaction is an opportunity to learn, and the Stratio platform captures the data as well as the customer journey and builds intelligence simultaneously, because AI is built right into those transactions and operations.

“We are thrilled to establish this strategic alliance with Stratio, which represents a significant disruption in the market, as businesses of all sizes transform into technology organizations with a new center of gravity at their core: data and AI. With this approach, intelligence becomes the essence of every process, so that with every single transaction or client interaction the process becomes more efficient, for continual improvements in the customer experience.”

Oscar Méndez Soto, CEO and founding partner, Stratio Inc. BD, said: “Digital giants already have data intelligence and AI embedded into their companies, and the knowledge gained rules their processes, because their applications learn and become smarter with every interaction.

“Our Stratio platform can help companies move to the same paradigm – AI at the core – starting with small, step by step use cases with clear business impacts and a focus on the business objectives. We look forward to working with EY to empower more organizations with these essential tools and help them to compete more effectively in their markets.”

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