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Today’s news in brief – 23/4/2024

The House of Lords Financial Services Regulation Committee has urged the FCA to pause its plan to pre-announce enforcement investigations into firms, fearing reputational damage to those later cleared. The proposed changes aim for transparency but risk prejudicing firms. The committee seeks evidence before further action, emphasising the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and calls for a thorough cost-benefit analysis.

Crowe has announced four new partners, enhancing its expertise across Corporate Tax, Business Solutions, Social Purpose, and Non-Profit divisions. The appointments signify the firm’s commitment to providing strategic guidance amidst market uncertainties. Each partner brings substantial experience, bolstering Crowe’s capability to support clients in diverse sectors through growth, compliance, and risk management.

PwC has reported a record-high market capitalization of the top 100 global companies, reaching $39.8tn. The surge, driven by US firms and technological advancements like AI, underscores investor optimism in equities. Despite economic headwinds, European markets also show growth. The Top 100’s valuation nearly doubled in five years, reflecting the transformative impact of technology on market dynamics.

TR Forensic Accountants has planned expansion in the UK, aiming to hire up to 10 employees in Manchester. Founded in 2022, the firm has experienced rapid growth, signing 56 clients within two years. CEO Tanzeel Rehman emphasises the company’s commitment to global expansion while maintaining its focus on specialist forensic accounting services. The expansion aligns with strategic goals and reflects the firm’s dedication to building relationships and trust with clients.

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