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Today’s news in brief – 8/3/2024

ACCA has welcomed HMRC’s proposal to collaborate exclusively with tax agents belonging to recognized professional bodies. ACCA asserts the move aims to address issues with unprofessional agents, enhancing tax advice quality and providing HMRC with greater assurance. While supportive, ACCA emphasises cost-effective implementation and urges HMRC to define professional bodies clearly, ensuring those with accountability, public benefit remits, and transparent standards are included. The initiative, viewed as a potential trust and confidence booster in the tax system, aligns with ACCA’s commitment to work with HMRC and other bodies for fair, proportional, and swift regulatory application.

MHA has taken a step toward inclusion and wellbeing by offering free sustainable period products to staff across 21 offices. In collaboration with Organic Mondays, MHA provides organic, plastic-free tampons and pads, supporting a barrier-free approach to menstruation. Each office receives kits for staff use, aligning with MHA’s commitment to create a comfortable work environment. The initiative, coinciding with International Women’s Day, demonstrates MHA’s investment in staff welfare and environmental consciousness, emphasising care for both people and the planet.

A TaxScouts poll has revealed that 47% of female accountants feel they face unequal career advancement compared to male colleagues. Despite this, 71% believe female representation in accounting has somewhat improved recently. The survey indicates 88% consider accounting an attractive career for women, with factors like industry flexibility and increased hybrid working contributing to its appeal. Suggestions to enhance gender inclusivity include greater visibility of senior women (41%) and improved pay transparency with childcare support (29%). TaxScouts CEO Malcolm Cowley emphasises the importance of addressing gender imbalances through flexibility, career transparency, and role model visibility.

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