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Today’s news in brief – 22/2/2024

Grant Thornton has appointed Maureen Paul and Joel Strange as economic consulting directors. Paul, a former senior civil servant, focuses on energy economics, leading the team in areas like renewables and net zero. Strange, an economist specialising in infrastructure and international trade, oversees economic advice in the infrastructure sector and drives growth in trade economics. The appointments align with Grant Thornton’s vision for a full-service economics consulting offering, expanding into new areas. Schellion Horn, Head of Economics Consulting, emphasises their expertise and contributions to the firm’s business growth.

Moore Kingston Smith has advised Gibb Group on acquiring Trauma and Resuscitation Services Ltd (Trauma Resus). Gibb Group, a Clarksons Port Services subsidiary, enhances its safety and survival offerings by adding Trauma Resus, the UK’s leading provider of advanced first aid and trauma training. The acquisition benefits Trauma Resus’ clients in various sectors, providing access to Gibb Group’s product range and sector expertise. The move aligns with Gibb Group’s strategy to offer comprehensive offshore safety services. The advisory process highlights Moore Kingston Smith’s financial expertise and facilitation of vital transactions in a dynamic sector.

KPMG UK and Blue J has introduced “Ask Blue J,” a generative AI-powered tool answering complex tax research questions in seconds. KPMG gains exclusive access for three years. Building on their existing alliance, KPMG utilises OpenAI’s GPT models, fine-tuned for tax, and Blue J’s curated tax content database. Ask Blue J goes beyond predicting tax outcomes, enabling detailed tax-related queries. Stuart Tait, CTO at KPMG UK, anticipates generative AI’s transformative impact on the tax profession. Benjamin Alarie, CEO of Blue J, sees the alliance leading the industry towards greater efficiency and client value in tax advisory through AI.

FRP Corporate Finance has guided Lovells Auto Body Centre’s sale to Steer Automotive Group. Lovells, established in 1972, grew to 11 sites across East England under Chris Hammond and Duncan Exton. FRP’s team, led by Simon Davies, facilitates the due diligence process, ensuring a successful exit. The strategic alliance allows Steer Automotive Group to expand in the East Midlands. Exton and Hammond express confidence in leaving the business in good hands. Richard Steer, CEO at Steer Automotive Group, sees the acquisition as integrating expertise for further expansion and innovation in the region’s automotive sector.

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