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KPMG appoints new global head of tax and legal practice

KPMG International has appointed David Linke as the next global head of tax and legal services, effective 1 October 2020.

He succeeds Jane McCormick who has successfully led the Global Tax and Legal network since 2016.

Linke is currently the Asia Pacific regional leader for Tax, as well as the head of Tax, Deals and Legal for KPMG Australia, serving on the International Tax Steering Group and on the KPMG regional board in the Asia Pacific.

As a part of this new appointment, he will serve on the KPMG Global Management Team led by KPMG International chairman, Bill Thomas.

Having first joined KPMG’s Tax practice in 1993, Linke brings to the global role “extensive experience” working with multinational organisations around the world on a range of tax and legal matters, with “deep expertise” in structuring and cross-border mergers and acquisitions and a “passion” for technology and innovation within the tax department.

He has also been a “strong advocate” and proponent for KPMG’s Global Legal Service offerings, having helped to build one of the most successful practices in the KPMG network through his time as Head of Global Tax and Legal for KPMG Australia.

In addition, he has been a leader in tax technology, leading the build out of a significant and a market-leading tax technology and innovation team in Australia.

Thomas said: “In his remarkable career, David has built a well-deserved reputation in market for taking a creative approach to complex business challenges, and helping clients to do the same.

“This is precisely the kind of leadership needed today, especially in the wake of Covid-19, and I am confident that David will be able to build successfully on the momentum gained for the practice under Jane McCormick’s leadership in recent years.”

Linke said: “I have always been proud to be a part of a network of more than 30,000 colleagues around the world who are passionate about what they do, and it is humbling and exciting to be preparing to lead that network globally.

“The tax and legal professions face significant challenges in the need to transform and evolve, especially in these testing times. For me, my role will be all about bringing people together with different points of view and empowering them to work together towards solutions for our clients, our profession and the communities we serve.”

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