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New accountancy and business advisory firm Fortus launches

Fortus Business Advisors & Accountants has launched into the professional services marketplace today (Wednesday, 1st April 2020).

The new professional services brand said it aims to provide “knowledge, advice and support to the business owners of today and tomorrow through a unique, contemporary approach”.

The firm’s executives originate from accountancy firm Haines Watts. Fortus’ service offerings include not only accountancy and tax but also property and asset management, HR, talent development, business performance improvement and strategic planning.

Commenting on the launch of the Fortus brand, Chris Timms, CEO of Fortus, said: “Fortus is made up of a team of talented individuals who have a breadth and depth of expertise. Led by an ambitious, creative, experienced and dynamic leadership team who challenge the traditional thought processes of a historical accountancy partner model.

“We’ve taken our learnings from the past to create a business for today with distinction and value in respect of our people and our clients. Our strategy has always been and still is, not to hesitate, to drive forward. We’re never afraid to invest in the business in order to deliver longer term sustainability and specialist thinking and advice.”


He added: “We are excited by what the future holds for Fortus and we look forward to working with and building relationships with so many ambitious business owners across the UK.”

Fortus will be operating UK wide with 11 offices and has the main coverage at present in the Midlands and the North of England.

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