AAT partners with the Institute of Management Accountants

AAT has partnered with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) to support the international advancement of the management accounting profession.

Today’s announcement will see AAT added to IMA’s list of “approved certifications for education requirements”. IMA is a global organisation with its own Certified Management Accountant (CMA) qualification.

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The new partnership will acknowledge AAT members with advanced accounting diplomas as qualified CMA candidates by waving the bachelor’s degree requirement to pursue the CMA certification.

The bachelor’s degree waiver will allow students who have completed and passed AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting to access IMA’s global CMA credentials.


Rob Alder, head of business development at AAT, said: “AAT qualifications provide practical training in all aspects of accounting, and are the perfect foundation for further training. Many students have successfully used AAT Accounting Qualifications as a springboard to chartered accountancy training.

“We have developed many non-graduate progression routes from AAT over the years, and AAT is the only professional qualification that provides a quicker route to chartered status. It is great to have the recognition from IMA to provide another pathway for our students. We look forward to working with IMA.”

Hanadi Khalife, senior director MEA and India Operations at IMA, said: “AAT is a reputed global institute which shares our dedication to the profession and we are confident this partnership will drive value to both AAT and IMA and finance professionals around the region.

“Continuous upskilling and reskilling have become more essential than ever in this ever-changing global ecosystem where digital transformation is changing every single function and the roles which manage it every day.”

He added: “Our team has been leading a number of initiatives both regionally and internationally to ensure that we empower finance and accounting professionals to evolve their careers and maintain their relevance by developing the skills needed to remain at the forefront of their sector.”

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