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Fredrik Nilsson appointed Trelleborg CFO

Technology company Trelleborg Group has appointed Fredrik Nilsson as CFO.

Nilsson will assume his new position during the first  quarter of 2021 and succeeds Ulf Berghult, who has decided to leave his position to take up work outside the group.

Berghult has been CFO of Trelleborg since 2012.

Nilsson has most recently served as CFO of co-development company AAK. He worked with the company for nearly 14 years, holding the position of CFO for the past seven years. Prior to his time at AAK, he worked at Sandvik for just over six years.

Peter Nilsson, president and CEO of Trelleborg said: “We are pleased about the recruitment of Fredrik. His broad experience of a global finance function from relevant industries combined with a strong business focus makes Fredrik an excellent addition to Trelleborg. 

“I look forward to working together with Fredrik on the continued development of the group.”

Frederik Nillson added: “It is with great confidence and pleasure that I have accepted this assignment. I am strongly committed to driving global businesses and I am enormously motivated, yet also very humble to the assignment, to address the challenge of further advancing Trelleborg together with new colleagues in all parts of the world where the group is active.”

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