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OSTC appoints Peter Lenardos as CFO

Financial consultant OSTC has announced the appointment of Peter Lenardos as CFO, effective 20 July 2020.

Lenardos has held the position of financial consultant to OSTC since February this year and succeeds Kenny Su, who had filled the role as CFO on an interim basis from October 2018.

In his role as CFO, Peter’s strategic priorities will be to transform the finance function into a source of competitive advantage, enabling strategic growth through raising capital and M&A, as well as establishing a world-class investor relations capability.

He has previously held senior positions at Cinnober Financial Technology AB, where he held the position of chief financial officer and later CEO. Prior to this, he spent most of his career in investment banking in both the US and UK, covering M&A advisory, capital raising, equity research, and corporate broking.

Most recently Lenardos served as managing director of global market infrastructure companies and Pan-European diversified financials, at Royal Bank of Canada’s London office from 2011 to 2018. 


Lee Hodgkinson, CEO said: “Peter brings with him an extensive background in corporate finance, a track record in shareholder value creation, and a wide range of global and strategic capital markets experience.

“His leadership, financial and business acumen will prove instrumental as we deliver on our strategic growth ambitions.”

He added: ”In addition to his role as CFO, Peter will serve as a LGBT champion within OSTC, and will work with Faizah Tahir, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing manager, as we focus on broadening our diversity and inclusion efforts on a global basis.”

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