Beware Of COVID-19 Scams: Improve your Cybersecurity

As COVID-19 infections have increased over the past month, we’ve seen an unsettling trend of cybercriminals taking advantage of this pandemic by targeting small businesses through phising emails. One of the latest scams involves criminals asking for donations to help the NHS fight COVID-19, and total losses of those targeted had reached £1.6m as of the beginning of April.

Clicking a link in these fake emails could potentially install malware on your computer, or land you on a phishing page where your credentials could be compromised. Make sure to look at the address the email comes from to ensure it is from a reputable source and hover over the links in emails to display the true link destination. If the link does not match the destination or the email looks in any way suspicious, do not click!

The best defence we have against malicious scammers is to take active steps to reduce the risk of an attack. Download the free Cybersecurity for Accountants eBook and find out how to improve your cybersecurity now.


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