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Baldwins appoints new director of national customs duty

Accountancy firm Baldwins has appointed Lucy Sutcliffe as its new director of national customs duty.

Sutcliffe has over 20 years experience at HMRC, having led its central team that considers submissions from businesses to move goods across borders using customs special procedures.

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Her new role will see her advising businesses, importers and exporters on how to drive logistical and financial efficiencies when moving goods to the EU and other global markets.

Praveen Gupta, national head of tax at Baldwins, said: “Lucy brings a wealth of knowledge that is going to be crucial for the businesses we serve across the UK, and we are delighted to have her on board.

 “While there is the transition period in place, we would urge businesses to start planning now if they have not already, and if they have, to consult an expert to check if there are any areas they have not considered.”

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