PKF Littlejohn appointed new Boohoo auditor

Boohoo has announced that it has appointed PKF Littlejohn as the group’s new auditor, with immediate effect.

PKF Littlejohn will replace PwC, who resigned from the role of Boohoo’s auditor in October.

Prior to its resignation, PwC had worked as the fast fashion company’s auditor since its inception, back in 2014.

Speaking to The Financial Times, sources close to the decision cited PwC’s concerns about the risk of continuing to work with Boohoo.

Earlier in September, Boohoo accepted all recommendations from an independent review which found the group had major failings in its English supply chain, which had resulted in low pay and poor working conditions.

Sir Brian Leveson has been appointed by Boohoo to give independent oversight of improvements planned for its supply chain and future business practices.

Mahmud Kamani, Boohoo’s co-founder and executive chairman, promised last week he would remedy the online retailer’s supply chain issues, when speaking to MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee.

Kamani reiterated that he was “shocked and appalled” by any modern slavery accustations linked with Boohoo’s Leicester supply chain. 


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