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Maestrano appoints Robert Lojszczyk as CFO

Fintech company Maestrano has announced the appointment of Robert Lojszczyk as its chief financial officer.

Lojszczyk has over 30 years of experience in the position of senior financial manager, which includes 15 years at BHP BIlliton and Blue Scope. 

The news comes as the company also announced the appointment of Nicholas McInnes as its non-executive director, who has previously held the position of senior executive at Railtrack.

Chairman Ian Buddery said: “We are delighted to announce these two key appointments. Nick brings to our board his vast knowledge of international trade and deep expertise in the global rail industry, working with UK rail technology companies expanding into global markets.


“Robert is a seasoned CFO who has been working with the Airsight founders since 2015 and has impressed the board with his grasp of financial detail and valuable insights into the business.”

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