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PwC re-elects Kevin Ellis as chairman and senior partner

PwC has announced that Kevin Ellis will serve a second four-year term as the alliance senior partner for the UK and Middle East, with the new term commencing 1 July 2020. 

Ellis will also continue his role as PwC UK’s chairman and senior partner, and member of PwC’s network leadership team.

He has led the alliance since 1 July 2016, and during his tenure has “overseen significant transformation”.

He joined PwC UK in 1984 as part of the assurance practice. In 1988 he moved to the business recovery services (BRS) practice. He later became a partner in 1996 and head of BRS in 2006. He joined the executive board in 2008 as head of advisory and later became PwC UK’s managing partner in 2012. 

Ellis said: “I’m proud to have been elected by our partners to serve a second term as alliance senior partner.

“Over the past four years the world our clients operate in and the challenges we help them solve have become more complex.” 

He added: “We will continue to invest in quality, upskilling our people and technology as we respond to the fourth industrial revolution.

“Our sector is under great scrutiny and we remain committed to working with policy setters and stakeholders to ensure that we play our part in building trust and confidence as the UK recasts its position in the world.”

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