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MHA Moore and Smalley invests in Lancashire through new social initiative

The firm will donate funds and equipment for residents in Lancashire and will also explore how the company can use its skill set to benefit the county

MHA Moore and Smalley has announced it has become a founding investor of Lancashire Investors in Community as part of a new initiative to improve the lives of the county’s residents.

The initiative will reportedly allow the firm to make an “impactful and sustainable difference to those most in need”.

It will see MHA Moore and Smalley work alongside organisations including Booths, United Utilities, Panaz and Harrison Drury to support the Community Foundation for Lancashire, an organisation which promotes charitable giving to support disadvantaged people in the county.

MHA Moore and Smalley will donate funds and equipment for residents in Lancashire, and will also explore with Lancashire Investors in Community how the company can use its skill set to “benefit the county for the next generation”.

Graham Gordon, managing partner at MHA Moore and Smalley, said: “Giving back to the communities we operate in is one of MHA Moore and Smalley’s key values and we are proud to make this commitment to Lancashire by becoming a founding member of Lancashire Investors in Community.

“Our corporate social responsibility strategy isn’t just about giving monetary donations and we’re currently exploring with Investors in Community how we can maximise our impact by using our people’s skills and expertise to help residents across the county, particularly young people.”

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