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Deloitte Digital launches tech initiative for BAME students

Deloitte will be working with BAME students from The Stepladder Foundation pursuing a career across the technology and creative industries.

Deloitte Digital has announced a new initiative with The Stepladder Foundation to provide equipment such as laptops, software, and study materials to students enrolling on Stepladder courses. 

The Stepladder Foundation is a charity offering flexible approaches to learning for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic young people identified as disadvantaged.

Additionally, Deloitte volunteers will be working with Stepladder students to provide advice and guidance on pursuing a career across the technology and creative industries, as well as softer skills and sessions designed to “harness their strengths”.

Currently, Stepladder has identified 40 pupils from East London schools, currently in year 10, aged 14-15, to take part in the bespoke programme with Deloitte Digital.

Deloitte said the collaboration was inspired by its Black Action Plan and “the firm’s belief that everyone, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, or background, should have equal opportunities to thrive”. 

Meanwhile, Deloitte Digital will also be working with Stepladder to develop its online presence and branding, to further grow the charity’s digital platforms.

Alison Jones, CEO of The Stepladder Foundation, said: “We work with professional organisations like Deloitte Digital to offer real life career advice and opportunities, opening up a world of life experiences and career skills to extraordinarily talented young people who would otherwise miss out.

“Whatever our students’ backgrounds our focus is always on them, opening doors, sharing networks, providing academic and pastoral support, as well as everything in between, to ensure that they have the confidence and skills to achieve. The programme with Deloitte Digital is put together to help young people succeed.”

Olivier Binse, design partner at Deloitte Digital, added: “My team and I are excited to have the opportunity to work with Stepladder, growing the charity for the long-term and mentoring these young people for future success.

“Everyone is keen to share their knowledge to boost diversity across the industry and shape its future leaders. Hopefully it will be a confidence lift to help these young people kickstart a passion for creativity and maybe even a career in technology and digital.”

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