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ACCA publishes report on Gen Z and accountancy’s future

The report dives into the thoughts of a generation who are entering the workforce during a series of ‘unique world catastrophes’

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has published its report with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), titled ‘Groundbreakers: Gen Z and the future of accountancy’.

The survey examined the opinions of over 9,000 18–25-year olds regarding their opinion on how they plan to navigate their careers in business, financial services and accountancy in a world shaped by “unique world catastrophes”.

Some 69% of those polls said they think there is significant room for improvement from business leaders, while acknowledging that businesses have a positive impact on wider society.

While most respondents believe accountancy to be an attractive career, Generation Z “overwhelmingly” questioned the integrity of businesses in regards to climate change, and their treatment of workers and consumers.

Kevin Dancey, chief executive officer of IFAC explains: “Shaped by economic crises, the current climate emergency, and most recently the global pandemic, Generation Z is coming of age during a very difficult and challenging period in global history.

“Leaders of Professional Accountancy Organizations (PAOs), global network firms, and industry, not only have an opportunity to welcome this new generation of accountancy leaders into our organisations, but to actively learn from them.”

He added: “Although no one knows exactly what the future may hold, one thing is for certain: Generation Z accountancy professionals have a critical role to play in our future.”


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