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ICAEW launches Adviser Funding Portal

The trade association is partnering with finance platform Swoop to provide their clients access to a broad range of funding opportunities

The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW) has announced it is launching a new Advisory Funding Portal with finance platform, Swoop.

The trade association’s new partnership will give clients access to a broad range of funding opportunities to securely access loans, equity and grants for SMEs from over 1,000 providers.

Amanda Digne-Malcolm, ICAEW’s director of Practice, said: ”Our members pride themselves on being responsive to client needs and this partnership with Swoop comes at a critical time .

“The Adviser Funding Portal will be a valuable resource for our members as we emerge from the pandemic, providing them with simple, secure and speedy access to tailored funding to ensure their clients are equipped financially to tackle the challenges ahead.”

She added: “The Adviser Funding Portal is a benefit of ICAEW’s Practitioner Business Advisers (PBA) Community which members can join for free. The PBA Community provides tools and resources for Practice Members to give advice to their business clients”.

Andrea Reynolds, Swoop CEO and ICAEW member, said: “As an accountant I realised what a time consuming and admin-heavy burden fundraising for my clients was – for both the accountant and the client – so I’m delighted the tool I envisaged every accountant using is a reality and will be used to help businesses through these difficult times.”


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