Haines Watts offers remote audits as local lockdowns tighten

Haines Watts is continuing to offer remote audits to businesses seeking tax, audit and corporate finance advice as local lockdowns tighten across the country.

The accounting firm has previously conducted a remote audit of Aspire Technology Solutions.

Stuart Hall, Aspire’s financial director, said: ‘‘It was well planned with regular catch ups agreed which allowed the accounts team to continue with their regular work without too much disruption.

‘‘We have a great working relationship with Haines Watts. They are always available to discuss business changes and ideas.’’

He added: ‘‘We benefit from the feedback and Haines Watts I think appreciate not having any surprises come audit time. There is always plenty going on at Aspire so we keep the team busy.’’

Nicola Bell, associate partner at Haines Watts, said: ‘‘Usually when we conduct an audit, our team is on-site to ask questions as we go, but we quickly adapted to the times and embraced all that modern day technology has to offer.

‘‘Screen sharing, cloud-based software and daily Zoom catch ups that were tailored to suit Aspire’s timetable allowed the process to run smoothly and meant that we could still deliver a robust and challenging audit.’’

Donna Bulmer, managing director at Haines Watts, said: ‘‘It’s been great to work alongside Aspire, especially at such an exciting time for the business. 

‘‘As well as providing their usual high standard of customer service, Aspire have been supporting North East SMEs who are struggling with connectivity in the wake of COVID and have recently won the ‘Company of the Year’ award at the North East Business Awards.’’

She added: ‘‘Considering we started the audit process at the height of lockdown, everything went really smoothly and I’m really proud of what our team has managed to achieve with the support of the team at Aspire.’’

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