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Livekindly appoints David Knopf as CFO

The Livekindly Collective has announced that David Knopf will be taking on the role of CFO.

The firm, which owns a portfolio of heritage and startup food brands, said Knopf has a wealth of experience in leadership roles and was named in Forbes’ 2017 30-Under-30 list for his role in the $11bn (£8.4bn) Burger King-Tim Hortons merger, as well as Heinz’s merger with Kraft.

Before joining the Collective, Knopf was a partner at global investment firm 3G Capital. He also held several leadership roles at the Kraft Heinz Company, including Global CFO, and worked for private equity platform Onex Partners, and investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Knopf is a “huge asset” to the company and its mission to “transform the global food system,” Livekindly Collective CEO and chairman Kees Kruythoff said.

Knopf said: “The positive externalities of transforming global meat consumption and the meat supply-chain are enormous, between supporting animal welfare and significantly reducing CO2 emissions and socio-economic inequality.

“And in the current global environment, I feel—as I hope many do—an acute and heightened sense of social responsibility, which is why I chose to join such an incredible team and company that is well positioned to transform the food industry.”

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