How Branding Can Help Your Accounting Firm Recover From COVID-19

Given the fact that the country’s economy is in for a prolonged recession, most UK-based accounting firms are experiencing one of the toughest times to do business in. 

As opposed to practices in other countries that aren’t taking the hardest hits, local accounting firms are deeper in the “overdrive” recovery process because of the country’s dependence on tourism. With more travel restrictions in place and a growing number of COVID-19 cases, many forecast that the troubles are far from over as businesses across the country scramble to get back on their feet.

Now that many businesses are closing down, accounting firms now face a crisis and challenge of achieving recovery amid dwindling client bases. Fortunately, there’s one key strategy that any firm can use to stand out from the competition and recover quicker: Forming a stronger brand.

The power of branding

Although it may seem like a trivial at first, branding is responsible for the success of household names, such as Mini Cooper, McDonald’s, and Guinness. Despite the perception of the uninitiated towards having a strong brand, the truth about cultivating this aspect of your firm is that it will help your firm recover faster when done right. 

Beyond pure aesthetics, this part of your company’s identity is widely responsible for setting your accounting firm apart, inspiring employees, and giving potential clients even more reasons to work with your business. What makes this specific concept so valuable in recovering and finding eventual success is that it isn’t exclusive to big companies. In fact, it’s especially applicable to start-ups and SMEs!

How you can start fine-tuning your accountancy firm’s brand for recovery

While there may be many ways to build a strong brand that’s conducive for recovery, there are a few tips that you should start with and never overlook from the beginning. If you’ve managed to find yourself in a tight spot where your clients are less and the cash flow isn’t as strong, here are three tips you can use to build a brand that will put you back on track:

Branding tip #1: Start with a clear purpose

If there’s anything that’s bound to get your brand-building efforts started on the right foot, it’s building your game plan with clear purposes in mind. By taking the time to lay out what you want to achieve with your brand, you’ll be able to understand what steps must be taken along the way. For instance, building your brand to rake in more customer inquiries is a great way to get all your efforts underway and make sure that everything remains as productive as possible!

Branding tip #2: Find the voice that your accounting firm should channel

When it comes to building a brand, all efforts should line up with a type of personality or voice that delivers a uniform and easily-identifiable identity. What we’re alluding to is the identity-related aspects of how your accounting firm sounds and communicates like if it were a person. If you want a brand that sounds helpful for small businesses, for example, then you’ll have to piece a brand voice together that sounds more approachable and caring!

Branding tip #3: Consistency is king

Above all else, the most vital tip to follow when building a strong, impactful brand for your accounting firm is to remain consistent, whether it pertains to colours, tone, post format, or content styling. By taking the time to remain consistent with your output, you can help your practice look more professional and trustworthy where it will be easier for your business to stand out and bounce back after the pandemic.


Although it may be daunting to get your accounting firm up and running again, there’s no better time to revamp your efforts and start working on your branding than today. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to build a strong and dependable brand that can attract as many customers as possible to get your cash flow going in no time!

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