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BDO appoints new finance partner

BDO has announced the appointment of Stuart Collins as its new finance partner.

Collins, who assumed the role on 4 July, takes over the role from Mark Sherfield, who held the position of finance partner since 1999.

Sherfield will continue his position as a partner until he retires from the firm in June 2021. 

Collins has led BDO’s consumer markets sector team for four years. Having joined the firm in 2013, he also held positions on its partnership council and audit committee. 

He has previously specialised in providing assurance and advisory services to growing businesses, with clients ranging from privately-owned, entrepreneurial businesses through to multinational companies. 

Collins also specialised in the hotel and leisure sector, where he has worked with several hotel groups, premier league football clubs and sports clubs. 

He has also worked within the complex global property and real estate sector, and advised a range of professional services firms, including solicitors, surveyors and accountants.

Collins said: “I am thrilled to take on the role of Finance Partner and hope to continue the excellent work Mark has done over many years.

“2020 has been, and will continue to be, an extremely challenging time for business, and BDO is not exempt from that.” 

He added: “The wider finance team and I will continue work with the rest of the business to ensure that BDO is in the best position possible to weather the storm as businesses adapt to the ‘new normal’.” 

Sherfield said: “I wish Stuart the best of luck in his new role and look forward to supporting him and the team with the transition over the next 12 months, whilst continuing my work on a number of transformational projects within the business.”

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