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Bevan Buckland launches training academy

Bevan Buckland has announced the launch of its 2020 Graduate Training Academy, following its previous run of apprenticeships and graduate training opportunities. 

The academy will be open to those who have the “ambition and resilience” to become chartered accountants and business advisors, and marks the firm’s “continued investment” in growth and talent development.

The course will focus on both technical and soft business skills, and aims to promote experience in accounts, audit and tax.

A “significant” element of the academy’s framework is the fully sponsored professional accountancy qualification that applicants will take to receive chartered status.

Harri Lloyd Davies, partner at Bevan Buckland LLP, said: “We are pleased to launch the Bevan Buckland LLP Graduate Training Academy and we look forward to welcoming some new recruits. 

“We have a long history of taking on apprentices and graduates, with a very high percentage staying on with Bevan Buckland LLP to further their careers.”

Vanessa Thomas-Parry, learning and development manager at Bevan Buckland, said: “Skill and talent development continue to be high priority even in these uncertain times. 

“We are looking to invest in and develop future professionals who enjoy being challenged and have the drive, confidence and resilience to get things done.” 

She added: “Our Academy offers a clear development path within a well-respected and forward-thinking Firm with a clear vision for the future.”

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