How to Improve Your Accounting Practice – Our Guide

Although not everyone is familiar or likes accounting in general, it is undeniably a vital element in business. As a business owner or an accountant, you need to exert effort in growing your accounting practice. Your team has to adapt and evolve quickly, not to get left behind. To do so, you need to have a strategy.

If you are an accountant doing business out of your profession, here are some tips on how to improve your accounting practice. 

Make time

Owning a business is never simple. There’s more to the job than starting and offering services. You also have to manage people, oversee projects, find new clients, and improve your marketing strategies continually. 

It’s a never-ending job, but you shouldn’t forget about allotting time on reviewing your overall workflow. You’ll not know the status or effectiveness of your work if you’ll not make time in reviewing your system.

What you can do is to assign a specific day and time from your busy schedule to focus on your accounting practices. Having a designated schedule will allow you to create a routine and monitor your business status. It will also be a good way to make plans and fix any system roadblocks.  

Upgrade and invest in online tools

Nowadays, online tools exist to make jobs easier. There are free applications, and there are also tools you can purchase that makes remote collaboration with clients and colleagues possible. 

Using online meeting tools, for example, will allow you to meet up with your client remotely. Other applications allow you to communicate with your colleagues, access your documents from different locations, create real-time reports, and reduce the need to do manual data entry. 

Accountancy used to be executed manually, but the times are changing, and you need to adapt soon. You’ll eventually encounter more clients that aim for paperless transactions or prefers online meeting over a face-to-face meetup. You need to be prepared for these changes. 

Some things to remember:

When selecting a new system to work with, always do your research first. Check all the options available to see what works best for your business. Study if the software you’re eyeing will be beneficial for a long time. You also need to prepare to train your staff and troubleshoot any possible problems during the learning curve. Though there are these little hurdles, an efficient program is always a valuable investment. 

Do client checking

When you’re in the process of updating your system, you also need to check on your clients. Are they open to these changes you are introducing? Or do most of them still prefer the traditional method of accounting? 

You’ll have both types of clients, for sure, but if you can, look for more clients who are inclined towards the modern method. You can also slowly introduce your traditional clients to your new system by creating case studies based on your current progressive clients. Show them their testimonials and let them know the advantages of shifting to the advanced method.

Aside from creating a more progressive business facade, sticking with the modern method makes working more efficient, allowing you to get more clients. 

Do a staff check too

When accounting is your business, you’re mainly investing in people. Your staff is the main element that keeps your business running. You have to ensure that all of you are on the same page and have the same goal. Check if your clients are happy and comfortable working with your staff, and if they are doing a great job. 

Do your share too. Occasionally check on them, treat them, and help them to grow. Ask them for ideas and points for improvement too. Everyone, no matter what role, can contribute to improving your business. 


There is always room for growth for every business. As the owner, your goal should include continuous growth and development. You can start small by reviewing your practices and slowly updating your gadgets and tools. That will help improve your internal system, which is also beneficial in making your clients happy with your service.

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