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Global Inkjet Systems appoints Steve Jeffels as CFO

Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) has announced the appointment of Steve Jeffels as chief financial officer (CFO). 

The company said he brings a wealth of financial, strategic and commercial experience to the role, enhancing the company’s financial and corporate planning capabilities for the next phase of its growth.

Prior to joining GIS, Jeffels has had senior positions in companies such as Arthur Andersen, General Motors, EY and Thomson Reuters and has extensive background in tax and accounting software and ERP systems.

He joined GIS IN 2018 and was appointed company secretary the following year.

Jeffels said: “This appointment provides a wonderful opportunity to work with a market-leading company with phenomenal prospects and operating on a global stage surrounded by passionate people and amazing technology.”

Nick Geddes, managing director of GIS, added: “Steve’s background of multiple business development and corporate finance roles, coupled with international and commercial expertise, means that he is ideally positioned to help GIS in the next exciting chapter of the company.”

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