Firm offers free service to ensure former NHS staff not overpay tax

Moore, the accountants and business advisers, are offering a free service to ensure that former NHS staff returning to work in the COVID-19 crisis do not end up paying too much tax.

The service will also help ensure that these employees do not get hit by an “unexpectedly high” tax bill at the end of the tax year.

Tim Stovold, Moore’s UK head of Tax, said that those returning to work in the NHS after retiring will have the kind of “complicated tax affairs” that may lead to incorrect tax codes being issued. These tax codes determine how much tax should be deducted and an incorrect one can lead to too much tax being taken from pay packets.

As such, Moore is offering to check tax codes for returning NHS staff for free. More details are available here:

Stovold said: “If you are in receipt of a State Pension or other work-related pensions or have other income unrelated to your NHS work, the tax code you’ll be given will often be wrong.

“Nobody should pay too much tax and if too little tax has been deducted at source, that could give rise to a substantial tax demand after the end of the tax year. Problems over tax codes are remarkably frequent. NHS staff have more than enough to worry about, without having to be concerned whether they are paying the right tax.”

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