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Firm offers free services to key workers

A Bolton accountancy firm will give key workers full access to its services for two months in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Gorilla Accounting announced that this offer will include unlimited advice from a specialist adviser with no additional charge.

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The free services will be offered to key workers, including locum staff, doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists and opticians. 

Those who use the service will be assigned an accounting specialist with a direct phone number provided in order to contact them.


All the company’s employees are currently working from home in line with government guidelines.

Daniel Fellows, the director of the firm, said: “With what key workers are doing for everybody else at the moment and how busy they are, the last thing they want to be worried about is finances, bookkeeping and statutory filings.

“As it’s a new tax year, there’s quite a lot of statutory form filling and we can help them through that. It’s our way of saying thank you and trying to take the load off key workers at this time so that they can focus on their difficult jobs.”

He added that it was “one big worry which we can take off them”.

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