Lost your mojo? How to feel motivated about your career again

Do you feel motivated to do your job well every day, get involved with new projects and develop your career? Is it difficult to find the inspiration just to carry out your day-to-day role? While we all struggle with our motivation levels from time to time, sometimes you lose your mojo and need some guidance getting back on track. If you’re in this position, hopefully my four tips below will help you get your motivation back and get you back on the path to succeeding in your career.

Reflect and acknowledge

A positive first step you can take to get your motivation back is to stop and reflect on your achievements to date. It doesn’t matter how far back in your career you look – acknowledging what you have accomplished will help you realise your strengths while highlighting areas you might need to focus on. 

To do this, ask yourself questions like:

  • Have I met my professional objectives?
  • Have I learned any new skills which have helped me with my job?
  • Have I achieved any qualifications or am I working towards any which relate to my career?
  • Since being in my job, have I successfully developed any strong relationships with colleagues, clients or stakeholders?

Actively recognising your achievements will help you get in a positive frame of mind which is a good start to getting your motivation back. Balancing self-praise with awareness of areas where improvement is needed can also motivate you, give you a clearer focus and help you make smarter career decisions later down the line.

Reassess your plan

Having taken the opportunity to reflect, it’s now time to be proactive. One of the most important things I think you can do to get your motivation back is reassess your career plan or objectives set by yourself and your manager. It might be the case that you achieved them long ago and are in need of a new direction, or that there is something getting in the way of you achieving them. 


In any case, I’d encourage refreshing your objectives. Consider your wider career goals as well as your skills and interests, so the direction you set yourself reflects you as a professional and motivates you to achieve what you set out to do. It’s essential you enlist the support of your manager to ensure you are on the same page and are both accountable for your success. 

Setting achievable, relevant and inspirational objectives should help you feel motivated to want to achieve them and also injects essential clarity around your career path and development.

Learn and upskill

When you’ve lost your mojo at work, it can be hard to find something to motivate you about your work again. This brings me on to the importance of learning new skills and expanding your knowledge, which can be incredibly rewarding and might give you a new outlook on where you want to take your current job and indeed your career.

Keeping your skills up to date is more important than it has ever been, considering how widespread digital transformation is in the workplace today and how drastically it is changing jobs, particularly in the accountancy sector. Upskilling in a range of areas will enable accountants to use emerging technology and help their skills stay relevant in today’s world of work.

While a lot of employers will offer formal training which is certainly worth enquiring about, accountants can invest in their own upskilling by taking ownership of their learning and development. I’d recommend looking into accountancy-related podcasts, blogs, articles, events and industry news to absorb knowledge and skills which will go a long way towards making you feel motivated about your work. 

My final point is to be honest with yourself about your career. If you have taken on board the suggestions above but are still left feeling unmotivated about work, maybe a bigger change is required to get your mojo back. Consult your manager to see if they are able to offer you a new project, different responsibilities or a change in role to help you feel motivated about your career again.

Karen Young is a Director and recruiting expert at Hays Accountancy & Finance

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