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Hurst launches mental fitness initiative

Accountancy firm Hurst has announced the launch of a “mental fitness” initiative for its staff.

The programme will be run in partnership with State of Mind Sport, a charity founded in 2011 by former Rugby League players.

As part of the initiative, partner and head of practice development, Simon Brownbill, and manager Katie Waud have undertaken mental health training with St John Ambulance. 

They are now qualified as a “mental health first-aider” and “mental health champion”, respectively, with aim to “help colleagues and signpost them for further support if required”.

As part of the initiative, the firm will also be planning an event to encourage a more active workplace.

Brownbill said: “There are proven links between active, healthy workplaces and good mental health. People in all roles and at all stages of life can be affected by mental health issues. 

“We have strong values and want to ensure the wellbeing of our people by being able to support colleagues who may be affected, as well as to help tackle the stigma associated with mental health.”

He added: “However, this initiative is much broader than that. We want to look at how we can all become more resilient and positive, which we hope in turn will reduce the chance of colleagues requiring more acute support.”

“As well as being the right thing to do, there are a number of benefits for the business as a whole, including better productivity and a reduction in sickness.” 

Waud said: “The training was really insightful. The reality is that, in this day and age, people are more likely to require mental health first aid than physical first aid.”

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