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Mark Carr relocates Brighton firm

Accountancy firm Streets Mark Carr has relocated its Brighton office, after merging with Streets Chartered Accountants last year.

The accountancy firm has relocated its Brighton and Hove office, to Century House, close to the Lanes and Churchill Square Shopping Mall.

Last year, Tom Mills was appointed director as the firm reached the top 40 UK firms of chartered accountants, tax specialists and personal financial advisors.

Director Mark Carr, said: “Having established a good reputation for looking after clients in the entertainment sector and creative industries generally, we have benefited greatly from new client referrals from existing clients who value and like the personal and professional service we offer. 

“A good understanding of their needs and the sector they work in has proved a real winner. We have also found that our new location and our reputation locally has given rise to an increase in new clients from other key sectors of the Brighton business community, including those engaged in gaming and technology.”

He added: “There is a true sense of vibrancy and energy within our team, the new office has certainly added to the buzz. Over the next few years we are excited about the real opportunity we have to build a significant and successful accountancy and business advisory practice in Brighton.”

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