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Deloitte partners with law firm Epstein Becker Green

Big Four firm, Deloitte has announced it has partnered with law firm Epstein Becker Green in a “non-exclusive alliance”, which Deloitte says will be the “first and largest global employment law and workforce management services resource for employers”.

The partnership will aim to provide Deloitte clients with Epstein Becker Green’s workforce management experience and US labour attorneys along with Deloitte Legal’s global influence.

Piet Hein Meeter, global managing director at Deloitte Legal, said the alliance would allow the firm “to bridge a critical gap in the US market to support clients who require a global solution for employment law and workforce management”.

Steven Di Fiore, COO at Epstein Becker Green, said: “There is no question that the world is changing and with it our workplaces. We are thrilled to align with Deloitte Legal to meet these challenges head-on.”


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