AIMS Accountants for Business sees strong growth during pandemic

On behalf of AIMS Accountants for Business

Whilst the pandemic has been a difficult period for so many, for AIMS Accountants one of the advantages has been to reinforce the effectiveness of their model – a model that already saw the vast majority of their 200 strong accountants working from home. 

AIMS Accountants’ model allows qualified accountants to launch their own practice, with advanced technical and other support and a proven practice management system while offering competitive joining fees. It’s a model that has worked well over the last 30 years. 

Many have seen the appeal with robust growth during the pandemic and over 35 new accountants joining AIMS’ side since the first lockdown. Client numbers have also stayed strong, with many small businesses finding that the pandemic was a time when they needed their accountant more than ever. AIMS’ local emphasis has also found great success at a time when communities have come together and shopping small and local has become increasingly important for so many. AIMS has always had the approach of each accountant being involved in and integral to their local community, and again, the pandemic has shown how valued this is amongst clients. 

AIMS has over 25,000 clients across the UK and continues to provide high-quality accountancy services to individuals and businesses, while allowing qualified accountants to escape corporate life and take control of their career.

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