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Naylor Wintersgill opens in Leeds

Bradford-based accountancy firm, Naylor Wintersgill has announced it has opened its second office in Leeds.

The firm which has been in business for over 100 years and currently employs over 50 members of staff, will open at the city’s One Park Row development. Naylor Wintersgill’s second office is planned to operate as a second base for its team offering increased flexibility to clients.

Managing director Victoria Wainwright, said: “Opening a second city centre office is all part of the Naylor Wintersgill evolution and complements our wider business strategy. We’re incredibly proud of our Bradford roots and our core team and our headquarters will remain at Carlton House.

“Having a base in Leeds – and in the city’s established financial quarter – allows us to offer our team even more opportunities in our neighbouring city and be better connected across the region, particularly with ongoing developments to rail travel. We’re thrilled to provide our team and clients with the additional location and look forward to embracing the Leeds city centre community as we have in our home city.”

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