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Grant Thornton launches digital-focused training programme

Grant Thornton has announced the launch of a new digital accountant pathway for its trainee intake.

The pathway will incorporate five new digital-focused modules, alongside the traditional ACA accountancy qualification programme. 

The new modules, provided by the BPP Education Group, are designed to develop technology, process and data audit skills.

They include big data, data analytics and visualisation, cyber security, digital innovation and disruption and ethical and legal matters.

The new programme will reportedly provide trainees with a “strong understanding” of the role that data and technology play in modern-day accountancy , and explain how they are deployed and controlled within business.


The modules will be in place for the firm’s September 2020 trainee intake and will be mandatory for all graduate and school leavers studying for the ACA qualification in audit and tax. 

Fiona Baldwin, head of audit at Grant Thornton UK, said: “We are committed to investing in technology and the skills of our people to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the industry. 

“Our updated, bespoke accountancy trainee programme will provide our people with a qualification that incorporates relevant digital skills alongside the traditional requisite technical accounting knowledge.”

She added: “As the accounting profession continues to evolve and, in particular, elements of the audit process become automated, we know our people need skills that will help them to adapt. 

“These new modules will ensure our trainees are future-fit and equipped with the right knowledge and skills to deliver quality audits and provide expert advice.” 

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